2T Biotin Water® Delivers In A Big Way!


2T Biotin Water® Delivers In A Big Way!

Many people forget that biotin, the most overlooked B-vitamin for hair, skin, and nails is a water soluble vitamin and that the body can only consume so much.  People will try to consume it in such high doses (5,000-10,000 mcg) only to have it all flushed away when the body releases.  It’s a known fact that when people take way more vitamins than the body needs it causes them to load their body with excess waste . Some people have stated that when taking a high dosage of biotin they tend to have breakouts.  This is mainly because of their lack of drinking water to flush out excess waste in the body.

Biotin in Store
2T Biotin Water® has changed the way consumers take biotin.  With 2TBiotin Water® you can now get the appropriate daily dosage of Biotin without over loading your body with the excess material.  The benefit is that 2T Biotin Water® contains the proper amount of water needed when consuming the vitamin (what is recommended).  2T Biotin Water® is the only water on the market that delivers a full dose of Biotin (300mcg) per bottle. To date, the company manufacturers and distributes the exclusive trademarked product to retailers all over the Southeast.  The company plans to begin its national footprint in 2017.

2T Biotin Water

2T Water, LLC is a new age beverage company committed to introducing premium beverages that are made with the finest quality of water.  It is a health conscious company that focuses mainly on health beverages.  For more information and to purchase products visit www.2TWater.com.

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