2T Water Adds Wholesale Food Outlets, Nutrition Depot, and Nam Dae Mun Chain


2T Water Adds Wholesale Food Outlets, Nutrition Depot, and Nam Dae Mun Chain

In preparing for the New Year, 2T Water has bolstered 3 new chain authorizations in the southeast.  The company has continued to grow its brand through DSD channels while using social media as a primary marketing tool.  The brand has gained recognition through its strong ability to partner with independent retailers while delivering exclusive products that meet the demands of health conscious consumers.  Earlier this month the company announced a 2TEA® proprietary formula for 2017.  2T Water has seen a 100% growth in sales each year since 2014 when Biotin Water® was launched.  The steady increase in accounts has allowed its distribution network to blossom while maintaining its direct supplier status.

The company recently partnered with IGA.  The Independent Grocers Alliance (IGA) was founded in 1926, bringing together independent grocers across the United States to ensure that the trusted, family-owned local grocery store remained strong in the face of growing chain competition.  “We are excited to work with IGA and their network.  This is great for our brand and it shows that we are fully committed to offering better for you beverages to everyone.  IGA has built a successful enterprise based on providing quality products at value prices.  It will instantly strengthen our distribution channel in the southeast while providing customers with healthier beverage options.  We continue to grow at a rapid pace throughout the southeast with more partnerships on the way” said CEO, Eric Wells, 2T Water.

Nam Dae Mun Farmers Market is a retail & wholesale international food company.  They offer an incredible selection of exotic foods that you simply won’t find in traditional markets.  Its goal is to enrich the lifestyles of the communities they serve, including many diverse ethnic families, by offering a wide variety of international foods, general merchandise and household items sourced from around the world.  2T Water will hit their shelves first quarter of 2017.

Nutrition Depot

2T Water, LLC is a new age beverage company committed to introducing premium beverages that are made with the finest quality of water.  It is a health conscious company that focuses mainly on health beverages.  For more information on Biotin Water® please visit us at www.2TWater.com

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Can’t wait until you are in the Columbus, GA area! I know you will do well here. In addition to Columbus State University, we have Troy State, Columbus Tech, Ft. Benning, Arena football and our Hockey team. That’s a lot of thirsty people lol.

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