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2T Water and Fitness 1440 Make The Perfect Match

It’s not very often that business partnerships workout for both parties.  However when two common brands with one common idea come together, it can yield great results.  Fitness 1440 is a health club geared towards helping spur one another on to achieve goals.  Less than a year ago the growing franchise opened a location in Marietta, Georgia.  It’s goal is to change the lives of the local community there through fitness and a healthier lifestyle which aligns with the mission of the 2T Water brand.

2T Water is a new age beverage company that focuses on offering “better for you products”.   “When I first walked into the gym I immediately looked at the cooler which was almost depleted,  said Eric Wells, CEO, 2T Water.  I immediately asked the receptionist at the front desk for the owner.  He and I met for about 30 minutes and the rest is history.  We are now good friends and his customers love our products.  By the third month, we became the exclusive beverage vendor for the gym.  Many of the club members continue to purchase cases from our website for their personal stash at home.”

2T Water has excelled at partnering with independent business owners who share the same mission and are looking to establish good solid business relationships. “We always look for the perfect match when partnering with retailers, said Eric.  If the need is there, we want to collaborate and be part of the solution and provide excellent service.  This is the blueprint to our success!” Fitness 1440 has continued to grow and take on several new members while increasing 2T Water’s brand exposure.  2T Water also partners with Fitness 1440 on monthly giveaways and membership contests.  Both brands seem to understand the importance of keeping customers happy together while provide great products and services to promote a healthier lifestyle.2T Water Biotin

The Fitness 1440 gym recently went through a large remodeling that now offers more space and better state-of-the-art equipment. “As Fitness 1440 continues to grow, so will we through our valued partnership and ability to meet each others expectations,” said Eric.

2T Water, LLC is a new age beverage company committed to introducing premium beverages that are made with the finest quality of water.  It is a health conscious company that focuses mainly on health beverages.  For more information on Biotin Water® please visit us at


Biotin Water® Finds Success in Natural Grocery

Since March, 2T Water has continued to see success in natural grocery with its exclusive product Biotin Water®. Earlier this year, the company started entering more channels to increase sales and exposure of the brand. To date, 2T Water is sold in a variety of channels from convenient stores, fitness centers, universities, vitamin stores, smoothies shops, salons, and natural grocery.

Biotin Water “Amy’s Natural Foods has carried our products since the beginning of the year. They have been a very important part of our success,” said Eric Wells, CEO, 2T Water. The company is now authorized in 3 other natural grocery stores within the Atlanta area.

2T Water now also has distribution in Sandy Springs, Roswell, Norcross, Marietta, Woodstock, Johns Creek , Gainesville, and Atlanta through Good Nutrition. It is currently preparing for the yearly NACS show in September to increase distribution throughout the Southeast. Now in its 14th year, NACS is targeted to convenience store owners and operators in the Southeast. It is the perfect outlet for supplies to the c-store industry to display their products and demonstrate their services. 2T Water now has over 80 locations in the Atlanta area that carry it’s products. You can find all locations on the company’s website.

2T Water, LLC is a new age beverage company committed to introducing premium beverages that are made with the finest quality of water.  It is a health conscious company that focuses mainly on health beverages.  For more information on Biotin Water® please visit us at


2T Biotin Water® Delivers In A Big Way!

Many people forget that biotin, the most overlooked B-vitamin for hair, skin, and nails is a water soluble vitamin and that the body can only consume so much.  People will try to consume it in such high doses (5,000-10,000 mcg) only to have it all flushed away when the body releases.  It’s a known fact that when people take way more vitamins than the body needs it causes them to load their body with excess waste . Some people have stated that when taking a high dosage of biotin they tend to have breakouts.  This is mainly because of their lack of drinking water to flush out excess waste in the body.

Biotin in Store
2T Biotin Water® has changed the way consumers take biotin.  With 2TBiotin Water® you can now get the appropriate daily dosage of Biotin without over loading your body with the excess material.  The benefit is that 2T Biotin Water® contains the proper amount of water needed when consuming the vitamin (what is recommended).  2T Biotin Water® is the only water on the market that delivers a full dose of Biotin (300mcg) per bottle. To date, the company manufacturers and distributes the exclusive trademarked product to retailers all over the Southeast.  The company plans to begin its national footprint in 2017.

2T Biotin Water

2T Water, LLC is a new age beverage company committed to introducing premium beverages that are made with the finest quality of water.  It is a health conscious company that focuses mainly on health beverages.  For more information and to purchase products visit


Behind the Scenes With 2T Water – Video

Since launching 3 years ago, 2T Water still continues to grow.  2T Water has taken a dream of creating a beverage brand out of thin air to retail shelves.  The very lean company has managed to control all aspects of the business while delivering an exclusive product manufactured and owned by itself.  Just a few short years ago, CEO Eric Wells had a vision to offer better health options to his peers minus all the sugar ingredients.  Now the company continues to gain retailers throughout the Southeast while expanding its product offering and motivating people to make better drinking choices.

The company has been able to utilize social media outlets to create brand awareness and drive sales.  Recently, Eric spoke at a conference in Dallas, TX about how business owners need to plan 3 years out.  He told the audience to record and capture everything you do because your content will be worth something one day.

“We are headed in an age where intellectual property will be the key to a business’ survival said Eric Wells, CEO, 2T Water.  We are always filming and taking pictures of our journey while we build our brand.  I truly feel that one day our story will help motivate others to follow their dreams.  We try to capture raw footage every chance we get, someday we will use our content for a larger purpose.”

The company recently shared a unedited behind-the-scences glimpse of its current journey.

2T Water, LLC is a new age beverage company committed to introducing premium beverages that are made with the finest quality of water.  It is a health conscious company that focuses mainly on health beverages.  For more information and to purchase products visit



2T Biotin Water® Now Available At Good Nutrition™ Stores In The Atlanta Area

2T Water has now added Good Nutrition™ stores to its distribution roster for Atlanta.  There are currently 8 Good Nutrition™ stores located throughout the metro area in Gainesville, John’s Creek, Marietta, Norcross, Roswell, Woodstock, Alpharetta, and including Atlanta.  The company continues to establish a solid distribution channel for its exclusive beverage product 2T Biotin Water®.

“We are in the process of looking for our new headquarter building in the Atlanta area.  As our company continues to grow, we want to have a good foothold in the area and partner with local businesses looking to offer healthier products.  Good Nutrition™ will be one of those partners for us.  They have built a solid reputation on providing quality nutritional products to the community”, said Eric Wells, CEO, 2T Water.

2T Water currently has over 70 distribution partners in the Atlanta area and expects continuous growth.  In just a short time, the company has acquired partners in fitness centers, c-stores, natural grocery, specialty, universities, restaurants, and now nutritional stores.

2T Biotin Water® will be stocked on Good Nutrition™ shelves next week just in time for Summer.  It will retail for $2.29 per bottle at each location.  Search for Good Nutrition™ locations here on the Store Locator.

About Good Nutrition™

Good Nutrition™ is here to provide you with the finest quality fresh, natural, organic and whole foods, nutritional products, and health information in a fun comfortable clean, safe environment. Make us your doorway to total health—twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week all year long!

About 2T Water

2T Water, LLC is a new age beverage company committed to introducing premium beverages that are made with the finest quality of water.  It is a health conscious company that focuses mainly on health beverages.  For more information and to purchase products visit


2T Biotin Water At The Alive Expo 2016 In Atlanta!

2T Water showcased its revamped Biotin Water product at the 2016 Alive Expo in Atlanta last month.  The Alive Expo is a one weekend, two day event that is packed with interactive demos, live health lectures and kid’s activities that the whole family can enjoy!  Each year thousands of consumers attend the Alive Expo’s events to learn how to integrate natural products & green living into their daily lives and to create a positive impact on the world as a whole.  Attendees get a chance to experience all the newest and best natural, organic, green, and eco products for their home and their entire family.  This year 2T Water joined companies like Suja, Honest Tea, and Energy 1 USA at the annual event.

“The Alive Expo allowed us to connect with our core audience for two days.  This show really attracts people who are in tune with the latest health conscious products on the market.  When consumers have the opportunity to sample our products as such at the expo, it typically leads to a purchase,” said Nakia Russell, Marketing Manager, 2T Water.  The company gained several new customers from the expo event that attracts over 10,000 attendees every year.

Biotin Water 2T

2T Water currently has several retail stores in the Atlanta area carrying its products.  In just a short time, it has built solid relationships with key business owners to expand its distribution footprint in the Southeast.  The company is projecting to fully saturate surrounding areas of Atlanta metro by the end of Summer 2016 with over 300 outlets carrying 2T Biotin Water.  See current locations here

About 2T Water, LLC

2T Water, LLC is a new age beverage company committed to introducing premium beverages that are made with the finest quality of water.  It is a health conscious company that focuses mainly on health beverages.  For more information and to purchase products visit


2T Biotin Water® is Revamped and Ready for Consumption

Revamped and ready for consumption, 2T Water has hit the ground running in 2016!  A new look and slightly modified flavor profile has elevated the brand to new heights.  Biotin Water® is now boldly positioned on front of the bottle with the slogan B7 promotes healthy hair, skin, and nails.   The bottle also has a transparent label adding a more appealing appearance of the liquid content. “We listened to our customers during our first year proving our concept.  We made sure to incorporate their recommendations in our revamp process to show our appreciation for the support of our brand,” said Eric Wells, CEO, 2T Water.

The company continues to grow and thrive in a competitive market; recently bringing on fitness center accounts and natural grocery distributors.   2T Water is carving its niche in the flavored water category.  The company began shipping the new revamped product with an additional SKU Lemon-Ginger in March.  Distributors will be pleased with the changes just in time for Spring.

The company has continued the strategy of building the brand slowly to gain a good foothold in its current regions. By partnering with independent retailers, distributors, and businesses it has been able to create its own distribution network out of thin air without the high expenses that come with the national footprint.

“I have study every young brand in this industry and many of them try to go national before they even control their own region, which for many of them creates cash flow problems.  You have to allow time for your brand to mature in the market.  My previous corporate experience taught me that slow and steady growth produces consistent results, said Eric.”  The CEO uses his management background to make strategic decisions for the young company.

The company’s Biotin Water® product continues to be in strong demand among consumers and retailers.  “We know many people have never heard of our products, but when we come in contact with new customers or retailers and tell them we have the first Biotin Water® they are very interested, continued Eric.”  As for the consumers who run across the brand, they are definitely responding by pulling the product off the shelf.  The company recently reported a 325% sales increase mainly due to the addition of 2T Biotin Water®.


It’s no secret that power house beverage companies like Coke and Pepsi are losing market share with carbonated soft drinks (CSD).  CSD’s have been their staple products for years.  Most new age companies like 2T Water are in hopes to fill that void some day with “better for you products” and spark some interest from the big guys.  Several headlines show smaller companies that position themselves well get recognized by larger players in all industries.   The brand has cleverly taking advantage of the market and provided a fully functional product that is good and offers health benefits.  It’s very safe to say that today people are very health conscious and looking to change their eating and drinking habits to live a longer healthier life.  Water most definitely fits into this “fitness frenzy” environment.  Could we be watching the next powerhouse brand build its empire right before our eyes?  It remains to be seen.

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ATLANTA, GA  3/13/16  – The beverage industry is known to have fierce competition and is forever evolving with new trends.  There are growing demands in the industry to innovate and meet consumer interests, from specialty food and beverage products to those considered cleaner or fresher (fewer ingredients, organic, gluten or GMO free, etc.).  There is also a demand for alternative food sources, sustainable production, and the need to feed a growing world population.

2T Water’s Founder and CEO, Eric Wells has embraced the challenge and is determined to be the next big brand.  He started his company 3 years ago without any prior knowledge of the beverage industry with hopes of creating better low-calorie beverages for his age group.  Eric spent 14 years as a National Manager for  a Fortune 500 finance company.  It was there that he honed his managerial skills and learned good business practices for achieving results.  He has applied many of the same business strategies of the corporate world to his company.

Eric currently runs all of his business interests under an umbrella company called The 2T Enterprise Inc; which includes 2T Water LLC  a new age beverage company committed to introducing premium beverages that are made with the finest quality of water.  The company has its own premium bottled spring water and recently launched the first Biotin Water® Hair, Skin, and Nails. With his eyes set on future growth of the brand, the company purchased and received the registered trademark/patent for Biotin Energy Drinks®.  2T Water has been on an aggressive mission to increase distribution in the Georgia area for the last few months.  It has added several new outlets ranging from grocery, convenient, spas, schools, and fitness centers.


“No one is born a beverage entrepreneur, it’s an industry that attracted me because of the level of sophistication with the distribution networks of major retail corporations.  I knew if I was going to start my own business it had to be something very challenging for me.  I want my company to play a significant role in today’s health conscious movement.  What better way to help change the eating and drinking habits of so many people than to offer a better solution,” said Eric.

New beverage brands are launched every day with the hopes of becoming the next big success.  Years are spent cultivating business relationships that garner brand support and loyalty.  Research shows that it takes the average beverage company any where from 4-8 years to build a solid brand and reach profitability.  For most companies, when that point is reached it can lead to enormous success.

2T Water LLC is currently operated out of TX in a small suite located in Irving.  Since September 2015  2T Water has also used a remote location in Atlanta, GA to conduct business.  The company has developed several partnerships with retailers throughout the Southwest, Southeast, and Midwest to distribute their products.

2T Water locations

2T Water LLC is currently looking to sign a new agreement that will provide more operating space within the year.  Although still a very young company, Eric and his team are passionate about offering the same services as any other beverage company.    “We are still in the early brand building stage, however we focus on giving our retail partners more support than any of our competitors.  This is a relationship business first, you are nothing without your customers so their needs are first priority,” continued Eric.  2T Water has seen a 325% increase in sales versus the prior year with the help of their latest product Biotin Water® Hair, Skin, and Nails.  The company has 2 additional flavors launching in Spring 2016; Lemon-Ginger and Cucumber-Melon which will debut April 16th-17th at the Alive Expo 2016 in Atlanta, GA.

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