Our Water

Our Water

Here we believe that not all water is created equal. We are passionate about the fact that water is NOT just water. Unfortunately, many have grown accustomed to consuming subpar, mediocre brands of water which are none the less, city tap water that has undergone “reverse osmosis.” This means that this water has been processed and filtered, thus depleting it of much needed natural minerals. Drinking this water is a disservice to your body as natural minerals are not only healthy for, but vital to our bodies.

2T premium natural spring water comes from a protected spring nestled in the middle of the Ouachita National Forest. Located in Montgomery County, Arkansas with a population of only 9,000, the area is surrounded by national forests – eliminating concern for pollution and other dangers from local industry and runoff.

The source of our spring water is why our competitors pale in comparison. 2T’s high PH and slightly Alkaline balance makes it premium water while delivering key nutrients and oxygen to the body during workouts, daily routines, or high level activities. 2T Water keeps its natural minerals while other companies transport water from many public municipal sources such as lakes, rivers, sewers, and creeks. You will be pleased to know that our water contains no additives, no demineralization, and has no after taste.

Nowadays, there are many enhanced waters on the market which may slightly benefit the body; however, most are still loaded with artificial ingredients which defeat the purpose of being considered “all natural.” The body is comprised of 75% water and research indicates that true water is the only beverage needed to properly hydrate the body and replenish cells without all the extra unhealthy additions.  Thus, 2T Water offers you “the true” alternative to processed and filtered water also delicious and with absolutely no after taste. We invite you to experience water at its purest and water at its best.


                                                                                                            OUR WATER QUALITY

Analyze Criterion Analysis Result Pass/Fail
TDS 500 mg /L 140 mg/L Pass
PH 6.5 – 8.5 mg/L 7.2 mg/L Pass/Sweet
Magnesium mg/L 6.2 mg/L Pass
Calcium mg/L 4.0 mg/ L Pass
Sodium mg/L 1.7 mg/L Pass
Potassium mg/L 1.1 mg/L Pass
Zinc mg/L .01 mg/L Pass
Hardness mg/L as CaCO3 1.58 mg/L Pass/Sweet
Alkalinity mg/L as CaCO3 130 mg/L Pass
Nitrate as N 10 mg/L as N <1.0 mg/L Pass
Fluoride 2.4 mg/L < 0.01 mg/L Pass
Cadmium 0.005 mg/L < 0.0001 mg/L Pass
Benzene 5 ppB < .05 ppB Pass
Dichlorobenzene 600 ppB < .05 ppB Pass
Styrene 100 ppB < .05 ppB Pass
Toluene 1000 ppB < .05 ppB Pass
Xylenes (Total) 10,000 ppB < .05 ppB Pass
Coliform Bacteria 1/100mL 0/100 mL Pass/Pristine


2T Water

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We continue to build a solid network of distributors and partners for our brand. Our goal is to work with them and become the number one preferred brand in the beverage industry.