2T Water

The beverage industry is known to have fierce competition and is forever evolving with new trends.  There are growing demands in the industry to innovate and meet consumer interests, from specialty food and beverage products to those considered cleaner or fresher (fewer ingredients, organic, gluten or GMO free, etc.).  There is also a demand for alternative food sources, sustainable production, and the need to feed a growing world population.

Our products are manufactured with the latest technology and best ingredients. We partner with co-packers who are certified in the industry to guarantee our brand quality. We focus on providing products that have zero calories, zero sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives, gluten and GMO free.

As we continue to evolve and focus on producing clean label products we want to stay true to our brands commitment of delivering “healthier for you” products. Our Biotin Water is just one example of our ability to use functional ingredients to make a “Better Water”.


Some of our great partners!

We continue to build a solid network of distributors and partners for our brand. Our goal is to work with them and become the number one preferred brand in the beverage industry.