2T Water H2O®

2T Water H2O®


Unlike most other brands which transport water from the spring to bottling site, 2T Water is bottled at the source. Our Natural Spring Water contains no chemicals or additives. Only the best natural springs from untouched nature are selected to fit inside our bottle. A spring and mineral water may only be called so if the water comes from an underground source and the water is constantly at the same temperature and the composition of the water remains to be the same over a longer period. For instance, the analyses of 2T Water from 100 years ago show the same mineral composition as today.


Our spring water has the perfect mineral content with a TDS (total dissolved solids) of 169 ppb (parts per billion). We choose to bottle directly from the source so that we can guarantee the same purity and taste of our water. It’s the highest quality of drinking water available with no artificial mineral additives or demineralization.


Each day our Natural Spring Water is rigorously tested to ensure quality and taste. Microbiology, Ozone Concentration, Taste and Turbidity tests are conducted on site throughout the day, with some tests occurring hourly. These tests are also sent to an independent testing laboratory for confirmation.

No more Tap

Unlike most brands that sell you tap water in a bottle 2T Water is bottled from a true protected spring. We truly deliver you better water for your hydration experience. Whether fueling the vigorous performance of your gym workouts, keeping you hydrated during your daily work flow, or just maintaining your body’s daily water intake; 2T water will replenish depleted cells while flushing out toxic materials to keep your body performing at optimal levels. The best part about 2T Water is that it has a PH of 7.2 making it slightly alkaline and certified as a premium water with no after taste!

2T Bottled Water

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We continue to build a solid network of distributors and partners for our brand. Our goal is to work with them and become the number one preferred brand in the beverage industry.