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2T Water Springs Into Action With Fitness Centers

As the flowers begin to bloom and the sun starts to shine, 2T Water prepares for its biggest spring and summer seasons.  The beverage brand has continued to increase its presence in the southeast while gaining more and more traction.  Its latest vendor authorization with the AnyTime Fitness chain will give the company more opportunities to increase the brand’s footprint with 2T Water H2O® and 2T Biotin Water®.  The chain has currently over 3,000 locations worldwide.  In addition, 2T Water is an approved vendor with other fitness centers like Fitness 19 and Fitness 1440.  “We have shown the versatility of our product across multiple channels like convenience stores, nutritional outlets, natural grocery, colleges, fitness centers, spas, salons, restaurants, and vending.  We continue to create more opportunities for ourselves which has strengthened the brand and company,” said Eric Wells.  This year 2T Water is also growing its portfolio with new products and increasing its distribution in the conventional grocery category.

Eric and Rick at AnyTime Fitness

This spring the company hopes to bolster its “Better Water, Better Health Campaign” in the Atlanta area through non-traditional marketing outlets. The campaign is geared to convince consumers to drink more water and less sugary sodas, juice, and energy drinks.  2T Water has partnered with several local business and marketing firms to help spread the message.  “We have noticed that many people who are members of local gyms seem to have a very high sense of what’s healthy and what’s not.  These consumers help validate our products and continue to support the brand through repeat purchases,” said Eric.

New Vending Machine at Fitness 1440

To date the company has already out paced last years sales by 200% with the busiest months coming this spring, summer, and fall we’re expected to continue this process.  2T Water has continued to focus on steady growth while building each account based on relationships and support.  It has maintained a core distribution network that allows the brand to compete against other larger companies and also gauge performance.  “Many people would be shocked to learn how well we stack up against other brands in our current stores.  As we grow it will become more evident that we have something special and unique,” continued Eric.  The brand has now entered its 4th year in a very competitive beverage industry.  Its products are on target with the “New Age Beverage” movement targeted at the health conscious customer.

Partners at Fitness 19

2T Water, LLC is a new age beverage company committed to introducing premium beverages that are made with the finest quality of water.  It is a health conscious company that focuses mainly on health beverages.  Read more information on Biotin Water® here.




2T Biotin Water® Meeting Supply and Demand in 2017

2017 is off to a great start for the 2T Water brand.  Based on an increasing demand from retailers and consumers 2T Biotin Water® has found a niche that screams “more.”  It’s not too often that young brands see success so quickly in this space especially with little to no help from big industry names.  Just recently the Vice President of Operations, Rodney Wells started noticing a significant uptick in company sales in numerous areas.  He also saw the same large increase in the company’s online sales during the same time period. Rodney reached out to several of the company’s DSD relationships and asked them to stock more of the product in all flavors and they quickly replied with purchase orders.  “In this business when you have momentum on your side you are able to make some demands.  This year we will have a larger store presence at some of our key retailers to maximize sales.  Customers are registering with our product and biotin is the key ingredient.  Our brand is coming off of our best year (2016) and now into the best new year start in the company’s history.  We are at the point where the brands Vitamin Water, Smart Water, and Bai were in their early stages.  They all had to prove themselves and we are doing that while maintaining our full equity stake.  2T Biotin Water® is made with better ingredients while offering a 0 sugar and 0 calorie proposition.  We believe in having good retail partners who want to grow with us.  We have stayed consistent with our partners so they know that we are committed,” said Rodney.

Biotin Water End Cap Display in Natural Grocery

The company has used its unique direct business model to acquire accounts.  As of 2017 the company wants to devote more resources to market more to colleges and universities.  It seems that the 2T Water brand is the “next big thing” for the younger generation aiming to live a healthy lifestyle.   The company hopes to leverage its relationship with The Follett Corporation to gain access to over 1,700 campuses throughout the United States.  The company also has some big initiatives for 2017 to increase awareness of the brand.  It will release a mini series that documents the company’s progression to success titled “The 2T Water Project” airing this year.  It will also be partnering with numerous sport teams and fitness experts to lead a health conscious movement with better-for-you beverages.

2T Water, LLC is a new age beverage company committed to introducing premium beverages that are made with the finest quality of water.  It is a health conscious company that focuses mainly on health beverages.  For more information on Biotin Water® please visit us at www.2TWater.com