2T Premium Natural Spring Water

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no demineralization

no additives

no after-taste

natural ph 7.2

guaranteed quality

The True Hydration Experience

2T Premium Natural Water Facts

Here we believe that not all water is created equal. We are passionate about the fact that water is NOT just water. Unfortunately, many have grown accustomed to consuming subpar, mediocre brands of water which are none the less, city tap water that has undergone “reverse osmosis.” This means that this water has been processed and filtered, thus depleting it of much needed natural minerals. Drinking this water is a disservice to your body as natural minerals are not only healthy for, but vital to our bodies.

2T premium natural spring water comes from a protected spring nestled in the middle of the Ouachita National Forest. Located in Montgomery County, Arkansas with a population of only 9,000, the area is surrounded by national forests – eliminating concern for pollution and other dangers from local industry and runoff.

The source of our spring water is why our competitors pale in comparison. 2T’s high PH and slightly Alkaline balance makes it premium water while delivering key nutrients and oxygen to the body during workouts, daily routines, or high level activities. 2T Water keeps its natural minerals while other companies transport water from many public municipal sources such as lakes, rivers, sewers, and creeks. You will be pleased to know that our water contains no additives, no demineralization, and has no after taste.

Nowadays, there are many enhanced waters on the market which may slightly benefit the body; however, most are still loaded with artificial ingredients which defeat the purpose of being considered “all natural.” The body is comprised of 75% water and research indicates that true water is the only beverage needed to properly hydrate the body and replenish cells without all the extra unhealthy additions.  Thus, 2T Water offers you “the true” alternative to processed and filtered water also delicious and with absolutely no after taste. We invite you to experience water at its purest and water at its best.

No More Tap Water

Unlike most brands that sell you tap water in a bottle 2T Water is bottled from a true protected spring. We truly deliver you better water for your hydration experience. Whether fueling the vigorous performance of your gym workouts, keeping you hydrated during your daily work flow, or just maintaining your body’s daily water intake; 2T water will replenish depleted cells while flushing out toxic materials to keep your body performing at optimal levels. The best part about 2T Water is that it has a PH of 7.2 making it slightly alkaline and certified as a premium water with no after taste!

the true hydration experience

Hydration + Function + Benefits


2T Premium Natural Spring Water Certified

Our Water

Each day our Natural Spring Water is rigorously tested to ensure quality and taste. Microbiology, Ozone Concentration, Taste, and Turbidity test are conducted on site throughout the day, with some test occurring hourly. These test are also sent to an independent testing laboratory for confirmation.

State-Of-Art Bottling Process (6 Steps)

  • UV Filter
  • 5 Micron Bag Filter
  • U.V . Filter
  • 1 Micron Cartridge Filter
  • Ozonization
  • 2 Micron Cartridge Filter


2T Water is certified as Premium Natural Spring Water that you can taste! Our brand seeks to become the number one beverage choice in the world, not only because of our quality but our mission to supply a better water. 

Make it a part of your workout !

Why Our Water is Premium

Our water is bottled from one of the most elite springs in the world giving it the natural taste that water should have. We stand by our water! Most importantly it is natural. 2T Water was created to provide the most premium drinking water on the market free from chemicals or additives. It’s Truly Better!


Bottled at the Source

Unlike most other brands which transport water from the spring to bottling site, 2T Water is bottled at the source. Our Natural Spring Water contains no chemicals or additives. Only the best natural springs from untouched nature are selected to fit inside our bottle.


Its Purity

Our spring water has the perfect mineral content with a TDS (total dissolved solids) of 169 ppb (parts per billion). We choose to bottle directly from the source so that we can guarantee the same purity and taste of our water. It’s the highest quality of drinking water available with no artificial mineral additives or demineralization.


The Testing

Each day our Natural Spring Water is rigorously tested to ensure quality and taste. Microbiology, Ozone Concentration, Taste and Turbidity tests are conducted on site throughout the day, with some tests occurring hourly. These tests are also sent to an independent testing laboratory for confirmation.

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What People Say About Us

Client Testimonials

I love 2T Biotin Water. I love what it has done to my hair and nails . I loved it so much I recommended it to my friends and family members. I give a 5 star rating. My hair and nails are gorgeous now. Thanks to 2T Biotin Water.
Brinda AceitunoFlorida
So good for hair and skin!
Great customer service and brand! 2T Water has the best natural water in the states. Also, adding biotin to flavored water is genius. I intend to be a lifetime loyal customer.
Sherita GuiderMichigan

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