2T Water LLC Receives Approval from the Follett Corporation and Targets Colleges and Universities

2T Water LLC the makers of the first Biotin Water® announced its vendor approval through theFollett Corporation today.  The approval gives the company access to market their health beverages to Follett’s nearly 1,200 local campus stores and over 1,600 virtual stores across the continent.  Today, Follett is a $2.7 billion, privately held company that provides products, services and solutions to the educational marketplace.  This announcement comes a few days after 2T Water recently announced a partnership with Albany State University which also uses Follett as an educational vendor resource.

2T Water continues to partner with strategy retailers in the Southeast, Southwest, and Midwest to market its premium water products.  The company is currently promoting its latest offering 2T Biotin Water® Hair, Skin, and Nails.  2T Biotin Water® has 0 sugars and 0 calories with no artificial sweeteners, colors, or preservatives.  “One of our core missions is to provide better health beverages to a younger generation.  This platform will allow us to do that through multiple colleges and universities,” said Eric Wells, CEO, 2T Water.

2T Water Albany State University

2T Water LLC was founded in 2012 when it launched 2T Water® a premium natural spring water sourced from the Ouachita National Forest.  The product quickly gained regional placement in the Southeast through Ingles Supermarkets in six states.  Since then the brand continues to expand and grow its product offerings through different channels such as health & beauty, fitness, and convenience stores.   The company recently received a capital investment to increase brand presence and fuel its Biotin Water®.  Last month it co-sponsored the Rome River Jam, an end of Summer mega country music concert in the northwest Georgia.

“We have allowed our brand to grow organically which tends to work well for us.  In this industry you need to build a solid relationship with customers and retailers in order to be successful.  This new relationship with Follett will allow us to increase our support to both,” continued Eric.

“We bring together educational content, products and technologies to prepare the next generation of learners and educators.  By working as a trusted partner to schools and institutions, we help educators drive success for students from their first day of school through college graduation and beyond.” www.follet.com

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About 2T Water, LLC

2T Water, LLC is a new age beverage company committed to introducing premium beverages that are made with the finest quality of water. It is a health conscious company that mainly focuses on health beverages. For more information, visit  www.2TWater.com


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